453.501 Urban Design Studio 14 Credits

Design Studio concentrates on problems related to the recent inner city development. This course provides the basic analysis tool to understand the transformation process of the city center. The objective of this course is to cultivate the skills to manage the complex city situation of today. Through this course, students will be able to build knowledge and enhance the design technologies on along with the social, cultural, and historical context of the urban planning, urban economy, and city center. Building upon this, students will be able to develop their own method of manipulating the physical environment of the city center.

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453.502 Urban Design Studio 24 Credits

Through Urban Design Studio 2, students will be able to develop various design techniques taking into consideration fundamental design issues such as what needs to be done to maintain the city community significance, sustainability, and urban diversity in our built environment. The design work is conducted in teams of 2-3 students and each team will be responsible for a part of the total design subject area. The goal of this course is to seek reactivation solutions about the declining inner city considering the future vision and potential of Seoul, and from this process, students will present solutions focused on the fundamental issues through creative means.

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453.503 Urban Design Studio 34 Credits

The last design studio course, Urban Design Studio 3 provides the opportunity for students to plan and design a new city outside Seoul City. Students also form teams to design different subject areas. Each team will work on large scale planning issues until the interim presentation including the identity of the city being planned, relationships with nearby existing cities, major road system, and public transportation system. Afterwards, each team will conduct site planning level design by selecting an interest area within the entire city. By taking this course, students will acquire the basics of physical planning establishment of the whole city and will be able to integrate theoretical knowledge with design techniques.

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453.504 Urban Design Seminar 12 Credits

This course simultaneously introduces the urban design graduate program through various lectures by participating professors and provides integrated understanding in the academic and practical domains which covers the urban design field. Through the course, students will acquire a better understanding of urban design and allow them to determine their basic direction in the discovery of their future field of interest and in-depth study. The course is comprised of weekly lectures on a variety of issues related to urban design and the content of each lecture are determined by each professor.

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453.505 Urban Design Seminar 22 Credits

This seminar course examines the theories of planning and design as well as their historical evolution which were the basis for public intervention regarding the built environment. Also, district unit planning is evaluated as a systematic device for urban planning of Korea. This course will be conducted in discussion form.

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453.506 Urban Design Seminar 32 Credits

This seminar course is centered on the analysis of the urban development process. Students will be able to study the process and goals of planning, the major design factors, and the domestic urban development process. By evaluating the contrasting values of planner, designer, government institutions, and politician, students are to develop unique design solutions with the social and civil changes considered. As an alternative, students can also prepare a final term paper on a discussion topic of individual interest. 

453.507 Introduction to Urban Design3 Credits

The Urban Design Theory course is a key course that is required for all master’s candidates. This course investigates real life urban design cases both domestically and internationally and explores underlying issues and theories of urban design, allowing students to obtain comprehensive understanding of urban design theory. Moreover, students will be able to understand what urban design is, what types of urban design concepts exist, and what each student needs to do in the future as urban designers.

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453.508 Theory of Urban Form3 Credits

In this course, various theories of city formation and evolution are examined. Such theories include but are not limited to the cosmic theory, theories founded on urban economics, and space syntax based on human behavior through space analysis. The main objective of this course is the cultivation of original, theoretical background necessary in exploring the ideal spatial structure of the future Korean city. Each student will be required to completely understand the weekly assigned reading, make presentations, and participate in debates. Also, students will individually prepare the final term paper and make constructive criticism of another person’s occupation in order to foster the skill of realistically applying the knowledge obtained in this course.

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453.510 Environmental Design3 Credits


453.517 Urban Design Studio 44 Credits


453.803 Reading and Research3 Credits