Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Major
The master’s program is for those who have satisfied the undergraduate program graduation requirements of the above fields taking into consideration that students with the professional knowledge in at least urban planning or landscape architecture will be able to absorb the urban design education.

Students with at least a bachelor’s degree in either architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture; a master’s degree in one of the above majors; or a master’s degree in a related field such as administration, business, or geography based on a degree in the above majors are eligible to apply for the doctorate program.

English Proficiency Examination
The master’s program requires a TEPS score of 551 or higher and the doctorate program requires a TEPS score of 601 or higher while both programs can be applied to with equivalent scores(master’s : CBT 203 or higher, IBT 74 or higher, PBT 537 or higher, doctorate : CBT 210 or higher, IBT 77 or higher, PBT 547 or higher).

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio(or research achievements) and advisor recommendation in addition to the personal statement and study plan.

More details can be found through the notices in the Seoul National University admissions website(