Graduation Requirement | Doctorate

Degree Classification
For doctorate candidates in the Graduate Program in Urban Design, they can receive a Ph.D. of Engineering or Urban Planning Studies upon graduation. The degree type is determined through a final determination in a meeting of professors depending on the courses taken and the thesis subject after the student applies for the degree classification.

Coursework Completion Requirement
Doctorate candidates of the Graduate Program in Urban Design are required to take 36 credits including the mandatory course credits, and 1/2 of these credits have to be from courses offered by the department the student is affiliated to. However, courses offered by the jointly participating Departments of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Rural System Engineering, Environmental Planning, and Landscape Architecture are accepted as courses offered by the student’s affiliated department. The 3 credit graduation program dissertation research is accepted as a credit necessary for coursework completion(beginning the second semester of 2012).

Paper Presentation
Doctorate candidates, who have satisfied the above coursework completion requirement, are required to secure at least 200 points regarding research achievements through paper publications in international academic journals(international journals are limited to Social Science Citation Index(SSCI), Science Citation Index(SCI), and Art & Humanities Citation Index(A&HCI) listed journals) and domestic urban design related journal(Urban Design Institute of Korea, Korea Planners Association, Architectural Institute of Korea, Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, etc.). Research achievement points are only given for main author papers and all other papers are not considered. The scoring for each research achievement is as follows.

1.Domestic academic journal publications
① 100 points for main author
② 75 points for co-authorship of 2 people
③ 50 points for co-authorship of 3 people
④ 30 points for co-authorship of 4 people
2.International academic journal publications(SSCI, SCI, A&HCI) are given 1.5 times the points of domestic academic journal publications
3.International academic conference presentations are given the same points of domestic academic journal publications 
However, academic conference presentations are only considered up to 100 points. 
Also, when the advisor is a co-author, the advisor is not considered in the number of co-authors.

Dissertation Defense
For the doctorate dissertation defense, a dissertation committee composed of Seoul National University professors is established before the 1st evaluation, and the evaluation is held after receiving the deliberation of the dissertation committee in a preliminary evaluation.
The preliminary evaluation is held one semester before the main evaluation and the doctorate 1st evaluation is open in principle where professors and students can sit in.

Credit Limit
The number of credits part time doctorate candidates can take per semester are limited to 6 credits.