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Urbanization in Korea is now greater than 92%. The megacities and its problems that we see today are phenomena that have only been observed in the recent century after the Industrial Revolution. From the perspective of human history and the advancement of civilizations, it is a living environment that is new and unfamiliar. While the city is an outstanding product of innovations, it is also a home ridden with many issues.
Most aspects of the city such as land use, transportation, construction, landscape, and environment are the products of market forces that have economic feasibility and efficiency as priorities, thus, urban design researchers have numerous elements to contemplate, research, and put into practice in order to create a living space that is pleasant and full of happiness.
The Seoul National University Graduate Program in Urban Design was established in 1998.
The educational objective is to search for practical strategies and enhance the quality of life in the city and regional environment based on the theoretical foundation of urban design. The program is an interdisciplinary program where joint participation between the Departments of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Rural System Engineering, Environmental Planning, and Landscape Architecture.
Urban Design Studio and the Seminar are the core courses of the curriculum. In the studio course, the professional capacity of students is cultivated regarding urban design processes and techniques necessary for urban development, urban restoration, residential environment, and new town planning. The seminar course offers deeper insight through investigation of urban architecture and space; urban form and history; and urban design theory and case studies. Moreover, a diverse range of urban design courses are offered from environmental preservation history to community planning, urban public space, environmental aesthetics, urban landscape, open space, environment friendly and eco-space, real estate development, land usage, and urban planning. Each curriculum course fosters comprehensive understanding of current issues; problem solving skills; multidisciplinary cooperation with adjacent areas including urban, construction, landscape, and civil; and integrative thinking skills.
What kind of urban design do you look forward to pursuing? How can urban design legislation be improved? Do you believe that our living space and the living space of our future generations need to be changed? I encourage those with a sense of duty and courage in stimulating and bringing about change to challenge yourself.

2013. 8. 30.
Seoul National University Graduate Program in Urban Design
Head Professor Dong-Man Ahn